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Pinnacle Chiropractic System is the world’s only member-owned chiropractic coaching and consulting company. Our imaginative doctors maintain a consistent and positive vision of the future.  At Pinnacle we "walk our talk" in our own offices, every day.

We want to help you become the chiropractor you were called to be. No matter where you are in your journey, You Belong Here.


The Pinnacle Experience

Pinnacle Chiropractic Systems is dominated by imaginative doctors who maintain a consistent and positive vision of the future. We are more than just seminars. We are your information base and support system. Pinnacle members have direct access to–and personal guidance from–the most successful offices in our field. 

We Focus on You AND Your Office

We train world-class Chiropractic Assistants. Here, we understand that having engaged, motivated and well-trained staff is essential to providing outstanding service to your patients. We offer CA-focused content and seminars to develop your staff.

Pinnacle shows you how to run a more efficient practice, so you can take home more of what you make. Pinnacle offices carry 15-25% in overhead--the national average is 60%.

What Our Doctors Say About Pinnacle 

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