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Experience Pinnacle

Sometimes you need to experience something to understand it. 

Pinnacle is a group of like-minded individuals that want to make a difference by helping as many patients as they can and as many offices as they can. 


With five national seminars a year, regular local and regional meetings, private counseling at seminars, and unrestricted phone counseling; the Pinnacle Chiropractic System offers a solid foundation and continued support to grow your practice. 


We believe in Walking our Talk.

At seminars you will only hear from speakers who are actively in practice, applying the System in their own offices. Let us show you how You can create:  

  • A stress-free office

  • A patient-base built on referrals 

  • A practice built on service and efficiency 

  • Rewards in time, patients, and money

  • Provide for your family and create the life of your dreams


Start your Pinnacle journey as a guest at our next national seminar. Save your spot by registering at our next Seminar Event below! 

Reminder: Management and hotel fees are 100% tax deductible.

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